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- H.S. Kim
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Our products are the most excellent than any other metal products in the aspect of corrosion, acid proofs and duration. We have manufactured the wide range of corrosion-resistant thermoplas

tic valve, pipes and fittings made of PP, C-PVC, PVDF, C-PVC for fire-fighting Sprinkler, Clean PVC for semiconductor industry and supplied our products for the petrochemical, pulp, food and various chemicals or water treating industrial field with high reputation.


Different to other manufacturers who are producing an exact copy from the obsolete products, we have made every effort to develop our products quality through creative technology to satisfy the various customer's demand, since its foundation in 1976.


And now, we can manufacture pipes, fittings and valves which are famous for their best quality, and we have been acknowledged by our local and overseas customers.


We promise that we will do our best to improve quality, function and design of our products ceaselessly to meet your valuable requirements thoroughly.




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